August 8, 2021

Important Season Update

CC Parents:

We are delaying the start of CC season practice this week until Wednesday.   We had a runner (Cecelia Slater) at the preseason conditioning runs test positive for Covid Friday.  She has minor symptoms but had no symptoms Wednesday.  Our practice was just within the 48 hour window of being in close contact of someone with a positive test. Close contact For COVID-19 is defined as anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more.  Now the way practice goes it is very unlikely she was in close contact with anyone for 15 minutes or more.  But to be safe and after discussing the situation with Mr. Sordelet, Principal St Charles, we decided to delay the start of official season practices until Wednesday giving us 7 days of separation from each other.   Of course if you’re uncomfortable with that, the choice when you return to practice is up to you.

Please pass this info along if you think someone may not have checked the website. Also note that Wednesday practice is at Kreager Park.

Thanks and I hope this is just a small blip in what promises to be a successful season.

Coach Dan Kaufman

P.S. The shoe discount is now active at 3RRC. For more details click here: