Cardegle Prayer

Lord, protect and strengthen me as I run today.
And grant me the courage and wisdom to always do what is right. Amen.

Cardegle History

It began with coach Dan Kaufman coaching the St. Charles cross country team when his son now coach Brian Kaufman was in 7th and 8th grade which was the 1997 and 1998 seasons. In 1998 St. Charles joined the St. Jude’s team led by Scott Reiling for a combined cross country team, and its been that way ever since.

Logo History

1st Logo 1999-2001


2nd Logo 2002-2005

Cardegles-2nd small

3rd Logo 2006-Present

Cardegles Cross Country website change log.

  • Current Site Version v4.00.00
  • (2000) v1.00.00 1st revision of website created by coach Chris. (, some links may not work)
  • (011-12-2002) v2.00.00 2nd revision of website created by coach Brian and registered the domain name of Website is still viewable here All results and pictures have been copied on the current site.
  • (07-10-2005) v3.00.00 New redesigned website. Includes message board, top times, archived news, results, pictures, schedule, awards, and more.
  • (05-20-2009) v3.01.00 Acquired domain name again after it didn’t automatically renew for the 2008 season.
  • (07-29-2009) v3.02.00 Styling: Home and News page has blue boxes around each article to visually separate one article from another.
  • (08-27-2009) v3.03.00 Added date to race results page in the weather section
  • (09-03-2009) v3.04.00 Changed weather conditions to race and weather conditions, added race types and meet types.
  • (06-06-2010) v3.04.01 Prepared website for 2010 season by archiving pictures, results, news, and schedules.
  • (09-11-2010) v3.05.00 Separared race information and weather information. Added runners per race and order of races. Team results: positioned varsity and reserve side by side to compact view and shorten length of page.
  • (09-26-2010) v3.06.00 Moved message board link from top to side navigation. Moved Top Times from side to top navigation. Added mobile and facebook image link to bottom of left menu.
  • (05-03-2011) v3.07.00 Added archived individual and race results from years 1993 to 2007. Moved some results tables from old site to current site. Moved and added pictures from old sites to new for the years of 02, 03, 04. Separated previous results and picture year links into decades. Added top times list for years of 04, 03, 01. Updated year links on top times pages to display horizontally on top.
  • (08-31-2011) v3.08.01 Removed message board link and list of external links on left, added pages for links, tips and tools. Added running dictionary, upcoming events box inplace of external links, map shortcut to race schedule, and added year selectors to cardegle classic similar to top times. Prepared site for 2011 season by archiving all 2010 items.
  • (10-01-2011) v3.09.00 Added CompareIt to Tips & Tools page, it allows side by side comparison of two different cardegles website pages.
  • (10-25-2011) v3.09.01 Replaced year links on the bottom of the awards page to links at top, similar to top times and the cardegle classic page now.
  • (08-21-2011) v3.10.00 Added calendar view to race schedule.
  • (07-04-2015) v3.00.01 Moved website to and also linked on Links page
  • (07-05-2015) v4.00.00  New WordPress cardegles site now live.

Future changes to look forward to.

  • Combine the years results and pics page so that it can also include other information such as team shirt design, captains, slogan, etc. eg(
  • Better way to present pictures such as a user navigable slide show.
  • Easier way to switch between years on results, archived news, cardegle classic, awards, and top times.
  • Alumni page. Links to news articles of former Cardegle runners. website change log.

  • Current Site Version v1.01.01
  • (08-28-2009) v1.00.00 Added a mobile homepage so that users with mobile phones can navigate the website without using the drop down menu system. The java script drop down menu system used on the full website does not work on all mobile
  • (06-15-2010) v1.00.01 Prepared mobile website for 2010 season by archiving pictures and results. Modified mobile website to be 350 pixels wide to allow correct viewing on mobile devices. Removed sub domain of to avoid site problems.
  • (08-30-2011) v1.01.01 Added additional popular links on home page, prepared for 2011 season, and added home shortcut on secondary pages. Fixed display size, it will now fill up your screen instead of having you zoom in everytime. Added upcoming events info.
  • (08-25-2012) v1.02.00 Added links to end of the year individual results spreadsheet on the results page and added links to get to the all years page of results and pictures.
  • (07-05-2015) no longer exist, the website will automatically detect your device and adjust the display accordingly.  All content available on the main site is available on the mobile site.  (No more logs will be posted for the mobile version)

Website Change Log numbering system description

  • Description of *
  • v*.00.00 – Major rewrite of entire site and code from every aspect
  • v1.**.00 – Enhancement, feature added, rewrite of specific aspect on website
  • v1.00.** – Bug fix, enhancement in readability, performance upgrade, or other minor updates