September 28, 2020

Carroll Invite details for Saturday.


team check-in 8:00 (be there at 8)

Girls Varsity 9:00

Girls JV 9:25

Boys Varsity 9:55

Boys JV 10:20

  • COVID precaution reminders:
    • Athletes are permitted 4 spectators – immediate family only.
    • Spectators are required to wear masks.
    • Please spread out your camps/tents as much as possible.
    • Runners are encouraged to wear masks while waiting to run and/or watching other races.
    • Coaches should wear masks as much as possible.
    • Please limit unnecessary close gathering of teams at the start line before each race.
    • No awards ceremony. We will do our best to organize ribbons/trophies as quickly as possible so we can hand them out to coaches soon after all of the races have been completed. Team trophies top 3 and top 10 individuals.
    • In years past I have posted race results at the concession stand as soon as possible after each race. To help reduce close groupings of athletes and spectators, I will not be doing that this year. Should be availableat

It Looks to be a chilly morning, so please remind your runners to plan their pre/post-race clothing options accordingly.