September 16, 2017

Huntington Catholic Invite!

Congrats to the strong showing by our split squad today at Huntington Catholic. Our Boys team won the Varsity Race by 4 pts today. Some of the highlights included: Oscar Lopez’s 3rd place finish with a 12:48. Dylan Pocock’s 13:18 3rd place (on our team) finish. Grant Gerbers (13:10), Jorie Brandt (13:33), Aaron Quinn (13:34) & Morris Daring (14:02) all finished in the top 25.

The girls Varsity finished 4th lead by Ruth Wheeler (16:30) and Sophia Wheeler (16:36) and Elizabeth Kaufman (17:06) in the top 25.

The JV Boys race was won by Jacob Patrick with a 13:23

It was a tough course with times on average a bit slower than other races, but the Cardegles showed their strength and fought through with strong placing!

Other Times:
Varsity Boys
Tommy Farrar (15:43)
JV Boys
Louie Ochoa (13:27)
Joe Bulanda (14:55)
John Miller (14:34)
Charlie Reddinger (14:37)
Isriel Lopez (14:33)
Nathan James (15:48)
Ashton Wolf (15:22)
Jacob Hoffman (17:29)
Sam Weir (15:24)
Adam McMasters (18:03)
Isaiah Ryan (18:07)
Andrew Zink (18:06)
Nik Henry (20:17)
Varsity Girls
Natalie Martin (17:25)
Kandy Zink (17:47)
Cassie Smith (18:51)
JV Girls
Ana Quinn (19:50)
Sarah Kaufman (20:09)
Morgan Daring (20:13)
Margaret Wheeler (20:40)
Piper Weber (21:13)
Bethany (Cisz)