August 21, 2017

Saturday’s meet, Panther Run Details-be there at 8:00 am

23nd Annual Panther Run Invitational

August 26, 2017


Location: Prairie Heights High School.  Due to parking along US 20 and traffic on part of the Cross Country course the Invitational will NOT BE AT THE SCHOOL FARM.  Part of the course will still involve the woods and farm but start and finish lines will be located close to the Football Field.


Parking: Busses and parents can park in the lot south of the High School


Schedule of Events

7:30 am Grounds will be open for teams to enter

8:00 am Scorer’s room open to take changes or additions

8:30 am Middle School Coaches’ Meeting

8:50 am Clearing of Course

9:00 am Middle School Varsity Boy’s Race

9:20 am Middle School Varsity Girl’s Race

9:40 am Middle School Reserve Boy’s Race

10:00 am Middle School Reserve Girl’s Race

11:10 am Middle School Awards presentation (FOOTBALL GAME FIELD)

Awards: Medals will be awarded to the first 20 places in all varsity races. Medals will be awarded to the first 15 places in all reserve races. There will be a Varsity Champion trophy for the first place team of all varsity races. Individual ribbons will also be awarded to the members of the first place and second place varsity teams, for all varsity races.