Cross Country FAQ

How far do they run in a race? 

3 Kilometers or 1.86 Miles

How do they score a meet?

Simple Answer: Add the place numbers of the top five runners and the team with the total lowest score wins. Example of this is, 1st place gets 1 point and 2nd place gets 2 points. 
Additional Info: It is possible to get a lower point value than the place you finished. This is caused by a competing team finishing more than 5 runners before you. Since the 6th runners points do not count everybody after that opponent moves down a point. A tie is broken between teams by the placement of the 6th runner.

What do the flags mean? 

Red flags for left turns
Yellow flags for right turns
Blue flags for continuing straight ahead
You must go around the red and yellow flags but you can go on either side of a blue flag.

How many runners can be in a race? 

There are no more than 7 and no less than 5 runners in a varsity race. Sometimes we have only 1 race for the boys and one race for the girls, in this instance they take the top 5 runners to score for varsity and these meets do not score for a reserve or JV team.
How far do they run in a race? 
3 Kilometers or 1.86 Miles