July 16, 2020

Team Shoe/Apparel buy at TRRC


The Team Shoe buy at 3 Rivers Running Company will be a little different this year. There is an open team spot from July 16th thru July 26th. If you are interested in a personalized shoe fitting or trying on and looking at training shoes/spikes or apparel the team member will receive a 20% discount at checkout. You just have to mention you are with Cardegle Cross Country and visit the store on North Clinton any time between those dates to get the discount. The store manager in charge of the sale is Mike Else, but any associate will be able to help you. Typically the discount is applied to MSRP, and may be slightly different on closeout items, I still encourage people to always look at their sale items as well for deals, because most of them can still be very good shoes, just last years models. Let me know if you have any questions or need recommendations.

Coach Chris

p.s. There is no obligation to buy shoes from TRRC, but we do highly recommend that all kids have a dedicated pair of running shoes during the season (used only at practice and meets) It will help their performance and prevent injuries. During our 2+ month season they kids may end up running a total of 150-250+ miles depending on their progress.

***Pass along this info to your teammates that might not have been at Summer Conditioning yet, but still plan to be on the team!