July 6, 2015

2015 Cardegle Team Shoe/Apparel Order from Three Rivers Running Co.

Just like last year we have been offered a group sales discount from the running store.

We will have roughly a 2 week order time frame that I would like to end by July 20th. If you are interested in this deal, please bring your kids to the running store before then and tell one of the employees that you are there for the Cardegle team order. You then can shop for shoes or clothing for the runners. The store will then hold those items until the team order is complete.

After our team order is complete we will be given a discount sheet and I will pass the total due to each of the parents who made an order. At that point I will collect cash or checks written out to St. Charles. Do NOT pay the store directly. St. Charles then will write one large check to TRRC to match the total invoice, thus allowing us the tax exempt status for this purchase.

This order is not mandatory, but is a good way to get new shoes for the season. Last year our team order was about $2500 total, so in the end we received close to 37% off for shoes and 42% for clothing (when you include the tax savings).

If you have questions please call or email me (Coach Chris Kaufman) at 260-414-6730 or

3 Rivers Running Co is located at:

4039 N Clinton St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
(260) 496-8000

2015 3RRC logo

Discounts Offered

25% off shoes

30% off apparel/accessories

Extra 5% off if total order is over $1,000

(We also will not need to pay the 7% sales tax)

(Please help us pass this info along to any Cardegles missing from practice for the first few weeks due to scheduling conflicts or vacations)